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"If one does not understand one's debt to the past - the extent to which one is standing on the shoulders of giants - one remains in ignorance of one's own place and knowlege" Ian Glenn: The First Safari

This site has been compiled as a collaborative resource for use by anyone interested in the history of conservation in Africa.

It is far from complete...we have only made a start.

By design, it is hoped that those involved in conservation at large will 'join the conversation' and participate in identifying, correcting and contributing to the site in order that we can properly celebrate the many outstanding achievements that have lead to the Africa of today.

Much work needs to be done to better record and capture the lives and passions of the many conservationists featured on these pages. We hope you will join us in this celebration of their many achievements.

We hope you will also appreciate the broader 'scope' given to the inclusion of many who may not, at first glance, be thought part of the conservation 'movement'. It is felt that the many strands of work, together with the passions of those in often disparate fields, together make up the conservation landscape.

I am sure that many of you will know of someone worthy of inclusion under the banner 'Legends & Legacies', and I would encourage you to 'join the converstaion', make contact, and help us by providing as much information as possible so that these individuals, from all walks of life, can be celebrated, and honoured, in these pages. Likewise, should you have information or details that would enhance the 'life stories' of any individual or organisation featured on this site, please do not hesitate to 'get in touch'.

Archive of Conservation in Africa

While I believe that this website to be a useful resource, I also feel that more needs to be done - this is perhaps only the entree. The 'real prize' would be a more in-depth collection of these conservation stories and the maintaining of a suitable 'library' of documents, imagery and records to preserve for generations to come - an Archive of Conservation in Africa (both physical and digital).

To this end, should anyone know of any individuals who would be interested in conducting interviews, doing further research, writing up these conservation stories in a more professional manner, provide funding or be prepared to sponsor such a project, please do not hesitate to contact us - we would be excited to discuss the opportunity.


Wherever possible, the source of any material included on this site has been attributed to the original contributor, publication or source. Should any person have copyright concerns please make contact and any issues will be addressed immediately.

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