Writers, artists, journalists, photographers & moviemakers

The story of wildlife conservation in Africa has been told over the years by writers, journalists, artists, photographers, storytellers and movie makers. From campfire tales of adventure to reference books on birds, mammals, insects and more…these publications and canvases have promoted the wild places of this stunning continent and brought stories of survival, sacrifice and conservation to the general public.

Writers, Journalists and reference book authors

From the early authors on Africa - Robert Ruark, Armand Denis, Alan Moorehead and Colin Turnbull to the ground breaking stories from Karen Blixen - 'Out of Africa' and Joy Adamson - 'Born Free' to the many reference book authors - all have been responsible for raising the profile, educating and spreading the word about the many facets of wildlife conservation. Through knowledge we can better understand, and through books, artworks and movies we learn about the lives and behaviour of a host of animal species that we might otherwise have known about.


Fine artworks from talented wildlife artists adorn the walls of homes around the world. They capture more than just the scene or the wild beast being depicted but usher in the excitement and passion that the artist has for his subject.


How could we talk about the wild places, and the animals that live there, if we could not capture their image for discussion and admiration. From professional photographers to rank amateurs the excitement of photographing the wild game of Africa is high on anyone's list of achievements. Below are just some of the many wildlife photographers that have shared their work with an admiring public and given us insights into both the art and the subject.

Movie Makers

With the coming of film and the big screen came the first wildlife stories - both film and documentary. It is certain that there is no one alive on the planet who has not watched a documentary narrated by David Attenborough, with his inherent ability to educate and entertain (and impress).

Writers, journalists & artists

For those who chose to write about, sketch, or paint their experiences of Africa we owe a debt; for it is those writings and imagery that inspire us all..

Photographers & filmmakers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is so often true. The African continent is blessed with many outstanding wildlife photographers who have chosen to chronicle their passion for the wild places of Africa with their stunning work. Of course, motion pictures too have no match and we are blessed with many amazing conservation stories told through documentaries and film - celebrated here.

"Looking back on my career now after 40 years – it is nearly 50 - I reckon that I’m very fortunate in that I can look back and say, “Yes, it was worthwhile.” It did something; it contributed something to the consciousness of people…all kinds of people, who say that they were moved and saw the value of natural history because of television. And that is something that you and I and the rest of us who work in this medium…can say, “Happily, the way we enjoyed ourselves proved to be not without merit as far as the rest of the world is concerned."

Sir David Attenborough