R.I.P. - Conservation Heroes

It is here that we celebrate the lives of those who we have been lost in recent times - each has, in their own way, contributed much to conservation in Africa. May we always remember them.

Whilst we honour these notable conservationists (below), it would be remiss not to recognise the unfailing sacrifice and duty given by the many rangers across this vast continent, who too have lost their lives in the name of conservation. A separate tribute page is planned to honour them.

'...this is for the stalwarts, the small band of brothers, past and present, who tried, who still try, to stop the wild life disappearing' - Keith Meadows - Rupert Fothergill, bridging a conservation era (1996)

"Who will now care for the animals, for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voices, when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?" - George Adamson (1906-1989)