Families in conservation & species ambassadors

Families in conservation

Conservation in Africa has always drawn many families into the fold - in areas of research, tourism, writing and presenting. In fact, we are greatly indebted to the many families of rangers and scouts who have for generations protected those areas where wild things still roam - selflessly and with dedication.

Species ambassadors

Since the early days of conservation in Africa there have been those stories that capture the public's imagination, stories of individual animals that have found a way into our hearts, and in so doing, of educating us of the dangers that wild animals face in the modern world..

Family legends

In many cases the mantle of wildlife conservation has been handed down through the generations creating family legends - these too, are worth recognising and celebrating...

Ambassadors for their own kind

Noteworthy individuals who have drawn attention, and empathy, to wildlife conservation:

  • Elsa the lioness

    The star of Born Free and a household name - her life story and the impact on wildlife conservation.

  • A lion called Christian

    The story of a lion born in captivity, purchased from Harrods department store in London, and finally reintroduced into the wild by conservationist George Adamson.

  • Lady Luiwa

    The remarkable tale of the last lioness in Liuwa Plains NP, Zambia - her life and her fame.

  • Ahmed & Satao

    Two illustrious elephant bulls who through their special status drew attention to the plight of these magnificent creatures.

  • Cecil the lion

    Killed by a hunter in unfortunate circumstances, Cecil became a symbol of anti-hunting sentiment across the world.

  • Sibella & Sylvester (cheetah ambassadors)

    Two stories of an orphaned cheetah and a wild cheetah who defied the odds to become a global ambassadors for cheetah conservation.

  • Stoffel the Honeybadger

    Stoffel - the Houdini of Africa (and a real character).

  • Tira the zebra foal

    A rare zebra foal with polka dots spotted in Kenya for the first time..and named Tira.

  • Solo the wild dog

    What happens when a wild dog loses its pack?

  • Legadema the story of a leopard

    A leopard cub who becomes famous..