Wildlife guardians & species champions

This section pays homage to the many individuals who through their actions have made the protection of wildlife and wild places their life's mission and ambition, from wildlife guardians to dedicated conservationists all, they deserve our respect (we tip our hat to you all).

Wildlife Guardians, Philanthropists & Dedicated Conservationists

Our listing includes a number of incredible stories of dedication and commitment to conserving and protecting not only individual species, but also documents on-going battles to save Africa's wildlife heritage against corruption and vested interests across the continent. To this we have added selected tributes of unbound generosity by notable philanthropists and other dedicated conservationsists.

Wildlife Guardians

To those who stand at the forefront of protecting wildlife across the African continent..

Dedicated conservationists / naturalists

Celebrating their curiosity and years of service..

  • Chris Eyre

    A life of dedicated service to nature conservation in Namibia.

  • Dr Pete Morkel

    Wildlife veterinarian par excellence, conservation legend.

  • GD Hayes

    Conservation enthusiast & warrior naturalis - Malawi.

  • Dr Ian Redmond

    A tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants.

  • Peter Achard

    The man behind the Rudondo Island conservation project on Lake Victoria.

  • Dr John Hanks

    A leading figure in conservation in Southern Africa for over 40 years.


A legacy of generosity and vision..

  • Greg Carr

    A man of generosity and dedication to conservation in Mozambique.

  • Hans Otto Hoheisen

    A humble, quiet man whose legacy lives on..

  • Anton Rupert

    A founding member of the WWF and Peace Parks Foundation along with..

  • Nicky Oppenheimer

    Former chairman of De Beers and a lifelong conservationist..

  • Albi Bruckner

    The making of a world-class nature reserve..

  • Paul Tudor Jones

    A successful Fund Manager applies business knowledge to conservation..