Dr Flip Stander

Lion expert of Namibia..

Dr Flip Stander - desert elephant researcher

Researcher | Conservationist | Scientist

Dr Philip “Flip” Stander is considered the “lion expert” of Namibia, especially when it comes to desert-adapted lion. For the last 15 years he has dedicated his life to them, spending up to four months at a time entirely alone in the desert. He is recognised by his rugged beard and deeply tanned skin.

He worked for Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism for 23 years studying large carnivores and obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1994. His doctoral thesis on the evolution of sociality in felids was awarded the TH Huxley Prize by the London Zoological Society. It would be difficult to find a more dedicated person in the world who has committed their life to protecting a specific species the way Dr Flip has.

In 1998 Dr Flip started the Namibia Desert Lion Conservation Project with the objective of collecting data on the population dynamics, behaviour and the movements of desert-adapted lion. The project monitors the frequency of human-lion conflict and implements management plans together with the communities to prevent further killings. The project offers support to the tourism industry by developing and promoting specialised eco-safaris.

Courtesy: Wilderness Safaris


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Namibia’s Pride: Desert Lions of the Skeleton Coast by Chloe Cooper 2013 from Sun Safaris

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