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Dr George Hughes - 42 years in conservation work

Researcher | Conservationist | Author

Scottish born in 1939, Dr George Hughes became a game ranger in South Africa’s Giants Castle in 1961 before leaving to study Zoology at the University of Natal in 1965. He pursued a higher degree in Zoology studying sea turtles throughout the South Western Indian Ocean and finished his PhD in 1974, rejoining the Natal Parks Board as Senior Scientist.

In 1975 Dr Hughes was appointed a senior manager becoming Chief Executive Officer of the Natal Parks Board and in 1998 CEO of the Board’s successor Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. During his career he has remained active in sea turtle research and has visited many parts of the world as a conservation expert. He has accompanied or led official South African delegations to conservation conferences with objectives as diverse as Sustainable Use, CITES and Conservation Economics.

Dr Hughes is the recipient of numerous awards including a Lifetime Achievement award from the International Sea Turtle Society.

Retired after 42 years he continues to be involved in sea turtle conservation, enjoys writing (305 publications, including his most recent book Between the Tides – in Search of Sea Turtles and lecturing and spent four years as Chairman of a national radio programme “Talking of Nature”.

Courtesy: Africa Geographic

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Turtles respond to kindness and care by Dr George Hughes 2017 (Two Oceans Aquarium)

Ninga's of the deep (The extraordinary sea turtles that have returned from the brink of extinction) by Dr George Hughes from Africa Geographic 2015