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Paul Bosman - Artist

"I see art and wildlife conservation as a symbiotic relationship. Because art keeps alive the memories of wildlife in a natural setting, it stimulates a longing in the public to know that such scenes will continue to exist in nature." Paul Bosman

Wildlife artist Paul Bosman was born in South Africa on August 2, 1929 and spent his early years in the Great Karoo, a semi-arid area that bears a striking resemblance to the Sonoran desert of Arizona. His parents moved from the Karoo to Botswana and in this great wilderness he became familiar with the big game species. This was followed in 1969 by building, owning and operating a luxury photographic safari lodge in Zimbabwe where he began to paint the prolific bird and animal life. In 1982 he and his family emigrated to the United States and have become U.S. citizens.

Paul Bosman's career as an African wildlife artist has spanned 30 years and two continents. In addition to hundreds of original pastel paintings, his African and North American wildlife art has been reproduced in many sets of limited edition prints. Recently he has moved into large scale oil paintings as well as three dimensional work with his African wildlife sculpture, a Cape Buffalo Bronze.

Paul Bosman is the recipient of four Awards of Excellence from the Society of Animal Artists Hosted by Montem Outdoor Gear. His work is represented in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Wildlife Art and can also be seen illustrating three books he collaborated on with writer/biologist Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin: Elephants of Africa, The Magnificent Seven, and Cats of Africa, published by Smithsonian Institution Press.

"I think inspiration for my work comes from having spent my childhood in the wilderness area of Botswana, surrounded by Nature. As an adult I was fortunate enough to own a safari lodge in what was then Rhodesia, again surrounded by Nature but this time in the midst of one of the most historical areas - Gona-re-Zhou - The Place of the Elephants."

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CATS OF AFRICA - published by Fernwood Press in South Africa in 1997 and published in the United States by Smithsonian Institution Press in Washington D.C. in 1998.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - depicting the great elephant tuskers of the Kruger National Park, published by Human and Rousseau, South Africa in 1994.

ELEPHANTS OF AFRICA - published in 1986 by Struik, South Africa and published by Safari Press in the United States in 1987.


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